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Tripawd Pit Bull

...... And Fantastic Family Member

You will be certainly and  pleasantly surprised by how awesome a three-legged dog can be as an addition to your family.  Three-legged-dog- bull terrierTripawds are often under-appreciated. This is so sad, as the loss of a leg has no bearing on a dog’s ability to love, have a quirky personality, be a loyal companion or even a guard dog. Tripawd German ShepardWould be intruders don’t stop to wonder how many legs the dog barking ferociously from within might have while they are heading for the hills.

Three tripawd dogsThere are many roads that can lead to a dog being a tripawd.  Accidents, injuries, or illness may lead to an amputation.  Sometimes they are just born that way.   Regardless of the reason, tripawds are pretty much the same as other dogs—less one limb.  Many dogs thrive on three limbs.


Home Sweet Home,

Does  your home meet with your tripod’s approval?  When you bring your tripawd home, give them time to explore at their own pace. There’s a chance they have never climbed stairs before or stretched out on a couch. Always use patience and positive reinforcement training to encourage them to tackle new activities.                        They will be pros in no time.  Tripawd Greyhound on Couch

There are somethings you can do that will make it easier for your furry friend. Elevate their food and water bowls.  This will help them maintain their balance. Runners on hard wood, tile floors and stairs will help keep your dog from slipping or taking a nasty fall. Check the house for hazards you may not have thought of before.

Check out Truman the Tripawd Mischief from Greyt Words

Tripawds have very few limitations

Tripawds have very few limitations and a whole lot of love to give. Provide them with the care they need, and they’ll go on to live long and happy lives.  There is a huge online community of people with tripod pets, where you can exchange tips, experiences, and get ideas on helpful products.

Tripawd dogs don’t let their uniqueness stop them from being amazing, loving pets. Three-legged dogs are bound to amaze you with what they’re capable of. Just spend some time with one and you’ll see how playful, active and full of joy they are—just like any of their four-legged friends

Hound Power's Own Ms. Neefy

Neefy Tripawd Greyhound

Tripawd Neefy Greyhound restingThis is my girl Neefy; she is a true warrior and has been a Tripawd since May, 2019. She lost her leg due to the dreaded Osteosarcoma. Deciding to amputate her leg was such a difficult decision but I am so glad that I did.I cannot even describe how much I love this dog. I remember waiting for her during surgery. I was such a mess crying at home.

TRIPAWDS: UNIQUE, FUNNY, LOVING, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING | Hound PowerThen when I picked her up, I felt nothing but love, pure joy and gratitude. She lost her leg but she was still as happy as can be and I thought what is wrong with me feeling so badly when she is still my happy laid back Neefy. She inspires me to do better, to live in the moment and reminds me to be happy with what I have. Sometimes we forget what matters and when I feel down, I remind myself of her and my other animals as well.


Ms. Neefy, Unique, Funny, Loving, Beautiful and above all…. AMAZING

Photo Credit: Victoria Stevens

Jackie Pinson

Jackie Pinson

Jackie (aka momma): Having trained in canine massage, she started Canine Canine Pawsitive Touch Massage and Wellness, as a way to help dogs in pain. Jackie started looking for other ways to help more hounds. (Vinny considers all dogs hounds) With NY Vinny & Princess Toolip as inspiration, Hound Power was born in 2018 to help hounds in other ways.

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