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Small Gifts Can Make Great Things Happen

Australia Wildfires 

Yo Eberbody, NY Vinny N *da roachin* Princess Toolip heah.

Weze here wif a bery important Bulletin, although this is definitely not one of our funner ones. Ize puttin da importantest information here at da top kuz Da Princess sez theys might be sum people wot doesn’t read all da way to da end of our Bulletins. *Silly Princess Toolip*

I putted three of a whole bunch of places wot parunts can donate dollars or hounds can donate sum of theys treet monies.

(Read More about the Austrailian Bush Fires)

Ms. Eliza Do Little – Rescue Craft Co hafs a soopa post on FB and eben hafs a link where da eberbodies can get patterns to make pouches N fings like da liddul guys at da top of da post beze wrapped in. Hers gots good info in her post.

Hound Power beze  makin a dollar donashun, *weze eben chippin our treet monies too*. N weze got da staff workin on pouches N such next weekend. 

Toolip, Foster Teeto, N I wuz lookin over momma’s shoulder last nite when hers wuz lookin at sum bery sad pichurs. Weze sure that most of uze haf heard about the horrible wild fires in Australia.  Sum of u may haf seen sum of da pichurs, or eben the ones we picked for dis Bulletin. Sum of da pichurs below beze bery sad, but theys sum wot makes uze heart feel tingly.  

Photos  courtesy of NBC News, BBC News &

Australia Wild Fires

Above, these two liddul guyz is goin as fast as they can to get ahead of da fire. Below are two of da dog teams wot is helpin look for da Koalas 

Australia Animal Rescue

Wildfires Have Killed Over 1 Billion Animals

For all da lives wot hafs N will be lost, theys sooo many wot beze sufferin wif dehydrashun, broken bones N burns all over theys liddul bodies.

Hundreds of pets are separated from theys parunts, N eben if theys not really injured theys bery sad N skeered. 

Small Gifts Can Make Great Things Happen | Hound Power

Thru it all theys also gazillions of unsung heroes.  Not only there in country, but all over da world.  Theys helpin wif theys time, donashuns, sewin, crochein or knittin fings to help da liddul animals.  Theys people feedin and bandagin and eben people pickin up poop. 

I noze sooo many of uze eberbodies already do so much to help animals N hoomans wot beze in need. Toolip N I just want ta share wot we haf found that touched our hearts.

~Luffs NY Vinny & Princess Toolip~

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