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NY Vinny’s & Princess Toolip’s New Year’s Letter

YO, dis beze Toolip’s N my New Year’s letter to all; Hounds, Houndettes, Hoomans, N… Kitties (budgies N turtles too)

As dis year duz comes to a close, N eberbody beze partyin tonite wif uze friends N loved ones, plhueeze fink back on sum of da ‘ventures uze had.

‘Ventrues comes in all kinds of wrappins. Sumtime they beze all shinny N glittery and full of happiness. N other times theys not quite as shinny N can bring sadness N eben tears.  They’s two fings all ‘ventures haf in common if uze look hard enuf.  Furst theys all hafs summpin wot weze can learn.  N da second fing is, it gives us a chance to grow inside.   Not big like a Great Dane or Mastiff, but inside where uze can’t see it. 

Weze all wants da bright shinny ones, but sumtimes da other ones hold surprizes weze didn’t see comin.  Da Fosters weze wot comes in N out of our lives, haf a lot of da second kind of ‘ventures.  Just like our liddul Tito.  Hims half Catahoula N half Greyhound, N hafs had a lot of sad ‘ventrues.  But hims  da happiest hound eber.  Da ittle helicopter tail neber stops. His back legs are getting stronger, N he beze happy ober da smallest of  fings.  Stuffies are his passion.  He carries dem whereber he goes.  He is learning to trust.  We goez on field sniffins ‘ventrues ebery day.  Liddul Tito makes eberyone smile just watchin him.  Although he has grown a tad too fond of my favorite spot.

Weze all needs ta learn from Liddul Tito Weeto. *momma gived him da second name* *eyebrol roll*. 

Make da best of ebery moment of ebery day no matter wot da situachun.

Luffs NY Vinny & Princess Toolip


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