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Da Difference between Greyhoundz N Reindeerz

For uze enjoyment N edificashun, Ize repostin my observashuns from an outin last year wif Momma N da Princess Toolip

Weze hafinn a personal conundrum this evenin. Momma did take us ta Home Depot for a luffly outing. There we were, walkin down da wood aisle, bein da epitome of da perfectest GREYHOUNDS eber. When wot to my wonderin earz did I hear but a bery smorl hoopup bein held by her dad, exclaim….. “look dad, Reindeerz” Naturally da Princess N I did turn around bery fast to see if Santa and his Reindeerz wuz behind us. But Nooo hers wuz pointin hers liddul paw straight at us. HMPF

Since dis is the season where some hoomans not quite familiar wif either Greyhounds or Reindeers kud be mistookin, we thought we would provide da guidance below.

Reindeerz = Noses rather rubbery N short. Usually all runny do to constant snortins. Not bery kissable.

Greyhoundz = Noses that are long N slender. Sleek,  kissable noses – no snortins. Berry kissable.

Reindeerz = Tongues like smorl bath mats. Duznt give good kissins

Greyhoundz = Tongues that are soopa dainty N just da right length to give eggsalent kissins.

Reindeerz = Trees wot grows out of theys bery heads. Can hang decorashuns on dem.

Greyhoundz= No trees. Just soft, silky earz wot comes in a variety of stylz. No decorashun hangin.

Reindeerz = Feetz wot beze bery hard N clunky. Theys clomp when they walk.

Greyhoundz = Feetz wot are bery delicate N rather smorl. Definitely NO clompins.

Reindeerz = Furs wot is rather thick, N a bit pricky N not bery aromatic.

Greyhoundz – Furs wot is sleek, N soft. Some eben haf wot is referred to as “buny fur” Parunts are sed to luff to burry theys noze in theys fur N breathes deeply

Reindeerz = Bodies wot are rather pudgy N rectangular. Not bery aerodynamic.

Greyhoundz = Lean, svelte, muscular bodies. Bery aerodynamic. Poetry in motion when theys runnin.

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