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My Furst Night in My New Home or da Attack of da Aliens

Da furst day in my new home wuz rather uneventfu. I playaed balla with momma, actually she threw da ball N I ran around wif it N let her chase me. l wuz still skeered of pretty much eberyfing.  Dis house wuz pretty cool tho, it came wif two cats, Flashkat N Reiki.  Flashkat soon developed a passion for getting me in trouble. Who knew cats kud be such tattle tales?

I did a lot of sniffin dat furst day N figured out da house and where fings were.  You noze, Important fings, like my food and water bowls, the back door to take care of personal business, the softest dog bed etc.

After it wuz dark out and I tooked care of business for the last time, momma sed it wuz bed time.  Hers picked up my comfy bed from in front of the window and started down the hall. I wuz not about to lose my furst comfy bed so I wuz rite behind her.  She put it on top of another soft looking bed next to the tall bed where she slept. I got a yummy cookie and she kissed me on the head and told me that she loved me.   This place might turn out to be pretty good after all.

Sometime during the night, I did wot dog parunts call a “bed fail” where uze head or da other end slides off onto da floor.  This bed fail ended up wif part of me under momma’s bed.  When I tried to get all of me back on my bed, I bumped my head and let out the Greyhound Screech of Def, lovingly referred to by greyhound parunts as the GSOD. 

My Furst Night in My New Home or da Attack of da Aliens | Hound Power

Momma flewed up finking we wuz under attack by aliens or sumpin.  It had been so long since hers had had a dog, it took her a minute to remember I wuz there.  She ran around the bed and tried to pull me out.  That just made things worse.  Now eben I wuz convinced we wuz under attack.  I froze solid, except for my vocal cords which were still able to let out piercing GSODs.

Finally, momma wuz able to yank out da bottom bed and threwed it across da room.  This made me a liddul lower and she finally pulled the top one wif me on it out from under her bed. 

There she sat blinking like a liddul owl trying to figure out wot had just happened. * Hers looked quite comical actually.*  She turned around to comfort me, kuz her knewed I had been really skeered, There I wuz curled up on the bed she had threwed across the room, sound asleep.

~ Da End

NY Vinny


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