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Mr. Truman Tripawd Greyhound N Da Unmenshunables

Dis Beze an X rated post for ladies only.

It wuz a bootiful morning, N us hounds had an ulterior motive for gettin momma out of bed. Ya see theys da perfectest field for sniffin N explorin about a half mile from da house, N dis wuz da perfectest morning for an expedishun.

Us hounds N houndettes wuz up soopa early to do our plannin, N we all had our assignments. Norma, wot luffs to lay in da sun, wuz in charge of lettin us know when da temperature wuz just rite. Jett wuz in in charge of gettin momma up for an early breakfast wif da help of Tiny Dancer wot wuz in charge of squeakin toys real loud. Hers is only two N hafs just figured out wot toys are so her duzn’t need a lot of encouragement in dis endeavor. My job wuz to bark from da kitchen N let her know we wuz starvdicatin so her didn’t try to crawl back under da covers. Truman had a very simple assignment. All he had ta do wuz escort her down da hall to da kitchen.

Apparuntly Mr. Truman Tripawd greyhound wuz feelin a bit froggy N momma wuz moving a bit too slow *her duz dat a lot in da mornin*. He got so excited about his furst field sniffins, dat when momma leaned against da bed to put on her unmentshunables, he nipped sed unmentshunables in hims liddul teef. Hims three legged self flew down da hall wif dem wavin in da breeze *no pichur duz accompany dis part*. Well momma did let out a squeal, felled over on a slumber ball N commenced to laffin.

Us hounds decided it did beze in our best interest to wait politely in da kitshun N not point out dat breakfast wuz not bein served in a timely manner Don’t let his liddul innocent face fool ya. Hims a spunky liddul fella.

Truman the Innocent

Da End

P.S. Eben tho we wuz delayed, field sniffins wuz exceptshunal. Ya didn’t hear dis story from me.

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