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Labrador Retrievers: 3 Beautiful Colors & 80 lbs of Love

Chocolate, Golden, Black Labs

Eight Lab Fun Facts! How Much Do You Know?

1) Where did Labs come from?

England                                Newfoundland                 Canada

2) Labs are America’s favorite breed?

True                                       False

3) What kind of tail do Labs have?

Otter                                     Sickle                                     Taper

4) How many coats do Labs have?

Two                                       One                                       Three   

5) Were Labradors originally considered a “Newfoundland”?

         Yes                         No         

6) Do Labs have webbed toes?

Yes                         No

7) You can get more than one color Lab in the same litter.

True                       False

8) Labs can reach 12 mph in 3 seconds.

True                       False

Labrador History, Not What You Expected?

Lassie one of the last two St. Johns Waterdogs
The Labrador Retriever: The History…the People…Revisited (1981)

The Labrador comes from Newfoundland and dates back to about 1500.  Originally, small water dogs were bred with Newfoundlands and the breed was known as St. John’s Water Dogs, or “Lesser Newfoundlands”.  These dogs got their start working beside fishermen.  It was not uncommon for a Lab to be assigned to a particular fishing boat to retrieve the fish that came off hooks. They were also used to pull in fish-filled nets. Their double-layered coat (a soft downy layer under a coarse, dense topcoat) was suited to the icy waters of the North Atlantic, while their webbed paws made them excellent swimmers.

Labs made their way to Poole England courtesy of the Earl of Malmesbury in the 1800s.  By 1903, they were recognized by the English Kennel Club. Until 1892 all recorded Labradors were black – although some were recorded with white markings.  These markings were reminiscent of the St. Johns Waterdogs.  In 1892, two brown puppies were recorded.  Originally, they were referred to as “Liver” colored and it took another sixty years before they would become a desirable color.  Yellow Labs arrived on the scene in 1899. Black however was and still is the preference for hunters. *Interesting Fact: All three colors can be present in the same litter.*

Fast Forward To Today!

When you think about labs, sweet-natured and friendly immediately come to mind. For the most part, the hard labor of bygone years has been replaced with Lab parents pampering them and making them an integral part of the family. While many Labs may have given up boat decks and hunting marshes for the couch, like their human family members, they need a good deal of exercise to keep them mentally and physically fit. Their sweet personalities, intelligence, willingness to please, strong athletic build sensitive nose, and courageous nature, help them excel as:

  • Guide dogs,
  • Emotional Support & Service dogs
  • Medical Alert Dogs
  • Search & Rescue Dogs
  • Explosive Alert Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • And on the fun side, Labs have a ball in the sport of agility and have become the breed to beat.

Answers: 1) Newfoundland 2) True 3) Otter 4) Two 5) Yes 6) Yes 7) True 8) True

Eleven Hound Power Lab Family Members!

Chuck – Cheryl Woolnough

Chuck - Cheryl Woolnough

Chuck is a service dog.  He lived and trained with me for a year before going to K9s4mobility in Cheyenne WY.  From there he was placed at a juvenile detention home where he attends classes with the students and accompanies them when they have to go to court to testify.

Nadine – Kelly Wagstaff Westphal

Nadine - Kelly Wagstaff Westphal

Nadine belongs to Kelly’s daughter. She was part of a research program on smells at Oklahoma State University. When the program ended Kelly’s daughter adopted her.

Kylo – Cindy Rummel

Kylo & Collin

Cindy’s grandson, Collin, with his ten month old lab Kylo. Kylo is already weighing in at 90 + lbs.

Abby  – Carole Trask Perez

Abby - Carole Trask Perez

The beautiful kayaking Abby, a fine navigator, until the rocking of the kayak made her sleepy. This was her first practice session.

Riley – Doreen Shaw

 Riley - Doreen Shaw

Riley was a very special boy! He was sensitive and silly! A great companion! He passed on too soon! 💔

Ashley – Christine Mohrhaus Hale

Ashley - Christine Mohraus Hale

Ashley is 8 now. She adopted me in October 2012 when she was 12 weeks old. I originally started working with her when she was in service dog training. She is incredibly smart and learned all sorts of great tricks like retrieving items on command and pushing open doors. She never finished her training due to nervousness in public places, but she has a strong drive to do her “work”, so she brings the mail to us one piece at a time when it comes through the mail slot and gets frustrated when we try to help. She is also incredibly loyal. People say the rest of the world may as well not exist in her eyes if I am in the room. She is also an amazing sister to our pitbull puppy, playing with him but also teaching him boundaries. Can’t imagine life without her!

Heston – Sue Williams

Pippa & Heston - Sue Williams

This is Pippa’s brother from another mother. His name is Heston and according to Pippa, he is a pest. She did however invite him to her birthday party and shared her birthday cake with him.

Rolo and Vernon – Viveca Marmur

Rolo & Vernon- Viveca Marmur

Rolo and Vernon both were fabulous dogs! Vernon had a huge heart and was a great brother to his pack which included a huge Newfoundland. Rolo was blind but it didn’t hamper his love of life.

Maisey – Sarah Fairbrass

Maisy - Sarah Fairbrass

My darling girl was rescued from a road in Guanajuato Mexico where someone dumped her off. The second I saw her photo I knew we were meant to be together. She was just the best girl! She got along with everyone; cats, kids, other dogs, and people, and became the best foster sister to many pups who came through our house in the five years she was my darling girl. Like most Labs, she was ball and water obsessed! She smiled always until she couldn’t anymore she tolerated every dress-up occasion I subjected her to. As long as she was with me she was happy doing anything! I always wished she would be with me forever, and in my heart, she will be…but she was gone much, much too soon. Not a day goes by I don’t think of her and miss her. She truly was my heart dog ❤

Briar Rose – Susan Flower Shelley

Briar Rose - Susan Shelley

Briar (on the dog bed) is my granddaughter’s Diabetic Alert Service Dog. She paws at my granddaughter if her sugar levels go low or too high. Briar was bred and trained at Diabetic Alert Service Dogs of America in Las Vegas, NV. They deliver trained alert service dogs all over the US. My granddaughter is working for them and delivers new dogs to their diabetic new owners. She then trains them on how to live with their new service dog and what to do when it alerts. The cutie stretched out on the floor is a 5-month-old Chocolate lab friend.

Lita – Karen Milliken Young

Lita - Karen Young

Karen Milliken Young with her grandsog

Do you have a precious Lab you would like to share with us? We would love to hear from you!

Jackie Pinson

Jackie Pinson

Jackie (aka momma): Having trained in canine massage, she started Canine Canine Pawsitive Touch Massage and Wellness, as a way to help dogs in pain. Jackie started looking for other ways to help more hounds. (Vinny considers all dogs hounds) With NY Vinny & Princess Toolip as inspiration, Hound Power was born in 2018 to help hounds in other ways.

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