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Jelly Enters The Picture With Peanut Butter

Vinny Da Author
NY Vinny Head Writer

After readin momma’s two articles on PButter, most Hound N Houndette parunts hafs a pretty good understanding of da history, health benefits, yumminess, N safety issues of Peanut Butter. It duz be hoped dat by now houndies wot had neber tried it have had da sooparific experience.

Jelly Enters The Picture With Peanut Butter | Hound Power
Ms. Cher Inman Imrie,

Ms. Cher Inman Imrie, howeber did raise da questshun “where did Jelly enter da pichur”.  Momma sed we kud do dis article, soze I set my bery spechul expert researcher, da luffly Lady Norma to see wot hers kud nose out. 

Lady Norma’s Findins

Jelly Enters The Picture With Peanut Butter | Hound Power
Lady Norma Researcher Extraordinaire

Da History Part

Around da same time Peanut Butter made its debut at da World’s Fair in 1904, it started showin up as a delicacy at fancy tea rooms in New York City. By dis time da Bread Slicer had already been invented.  Da Vanity Tea Room putted it wif fings like watercress N pimento. *Major yucky face* Wot da heck is watercress N pimento anyway? At dis point in time da peanut butter, N Jelly sandwich was considered “exclusive”. It did stay “exclusive until da Great Depreshun of da 1930s when hoomans discovered it did provide a satisfying, high protein less expensive meal.

Jelly Enters The Picture With Peanut Butter | Hound Power

In 1901, da furst PB&J recipe did appear in da Boston (go momma) Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics written by Julia Davis Chandler.  *dats a mouthful* Ms. Chandler did say to use currant or crab-apple jelly.

Later in 1917, Paul Welch did get a pattern for pureeing grapes N turnin dem into jelly. He did call hims invenshun Grapelade wot did rhyme wif marmalade.

Da Houndie Part

While Peanut Butter wifout Xylitol duz be OK for us Hounds N Houndettes, Jams, Jellies N Preserbs not so much. *Major Sad Face*.

Da furits wot makes da Jams, Jellies N Preserbs kud be Bery Harmful to us.  Sum of da fruits theys made of izunt good fr us. For Example, grapes duz be one of da fings wot is poisonus to us. It can cause us to haf sebere kidney failure.

Norma ran across dis Important Note:  Gelatin duz be OK for us but NOT Jello since it duz haf Artifichul Sweetners wot kud be toxic.

Bein da Expert Researcher hers is, Da Lady took her search further!

Norma Hard At Work 2
Lady Norma Hard At Work

Furst:  It duz turn odut dat Honey in small quantities can be OK for us Houndies.  Howeber research duz suggest an extra teef brushin afterwards cause of da sweetness on our teef. Hmpf!

Jelly Enters The Picture With Peanut Butter | Hound Power

Raw honey shud neber given to puppies or dogs wif compromised immune systems since it kud haf botulism spores.

Sekond: Norma came across sumpin called Fluff wot goes wif Peanut Butter.  At furst it did look promisin.  But as her looked further, it duz contain tons of sugar wot isn’t good for us N sum eben hafs da dreaded, deadly Xylitol in it.

White Fluffy white marshmallows in blue bowl isolated on white background. Huge, big marshmallow macro top view image

Dat ob korse led to hers lookin into da cute liddul marshmallos demselves.  Those uze haf ta be careful wif too it turns out.  U guessed it da ebil xylitol can be in dem too. Eben if theys no xylitol in dem they haf a gazillion sugar,Momma neber thot of dem hafin Xylitol. I do luffs Marsmallows. Now momma sez I can only haf one or two liddul ones after hers reads da bag BERY CCAREFULLY.

Soze In Conclushun:

  • 1. PButter = Beze OK in moderashun.  Yup Greyson Greyhound, only a liddul at one time.  But uze can haf a marsmallow or two if theys da safe kinds or a liddul dip of honey.
  • 2. Jelly, Jams N Preserbs = Not gud for us oberall.  Uze haf to be be soopa careful about da kind of fruits it beze made of. Sum of dem kud be bery poisonus. Momma sez weze not getting any just ta be on da safe side.
  • 3. Honey = Bery small quantities can beze OK. It duz haf lots a good stuffs in it.  Be careful N NO raw honey for any puppies or houndies wif compromised immune system. N beze prepared for extra teef brushing. Hmpf! Why is they always a catch on da yummy fings.
  • 4. Da Newly Discobered Fluffernutter = Probably NOT! Da fluff part kud haf Xylitol or one of its deribitivs in it. plus they a gazillion sugar in it.
  • 5. Marshmallos demselves = Be careful! These too kud haf da Xylito or one of its derifbitifs in it. If they da safe kind, only a couple kuz of da sugar.

If you missed momma’s articles on Peanut Butter, uze can read dem here. N

Fank you to Ms. Cher Inman Imrie for suggestin dis article. Please let us noze if theys a subjekt dat you wud like Lady Norma N me to write about. N ob korse, momma beze lookin for fings you wuld like her to write about too.

Stay safe Luffs, Me, Angel Toolip, Lady Norma, N Momma

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