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It Wuznt Me

This happened before Dancer did go to her foreber home. Momma is way behind in hers writin. A hound can only dictate so much at one time……

Tiny Dancer did ask me to bring her complaint to da Hound Power Councel of Hounds for a rulin N resolushun. Dis beze a bit of a sticky situashun as yours truly beze among da alleged suspects.

Bloomin Truman & NY Vinny, Two of the Three Possible Suspects! We Are Innocent!

Vinny and Truman two of the suspects

We had all been out ridin in da Hound Mobile. It wuz a bery nice day N we had to go to to Houn House. Houn House is where da new hounds go when they come to GALT while theys waitin for foster homes. Mr. Truman Greyhound needed ta haf hims pichur taken for da GALT list of hounds wot needs foreber homes. It duz be a bery long way N momma N Aunt Jenn did do a couple errands on da way home. Needless to say eberbody had to peeeee really bad. We all ran around da corner to da dog yard N did our business. In a little while momma called us to come haf treats since it wuz close to Greyhound nap time.

When we lined up in da kitchen momma did notice Dancer’s liddul snowy white bottom did haf sum suspicious yellow streaks on it. At dis point I wish to go on da record dat I had finished my business N wuz getting a head start on da nap time part. Momma of korse demanded to know wot had happened to Dancer. I don’t know why she wuz lookin at Truman, Jett N me. *Hmph* How wuz we supposed ta know wot her gotted into? Never da less it wuz us boys wot wuz given da third degree. Dancer been gave us all da stink eye as her had to go N get hers bottom washed wif gurl dog shampoo.

Tiny Dancer's evidence

Wot eber happened to innocent ’til proven guilty. Jett politely suggested DNA testing. Da suggestshun wuz roodly shot down I mite add.

NY Vinny, Bloomin Truman N da Jettster

Da End

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