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Hounds Helping Hounds

Hound Power Family

A Greyt Big Thank You

Third Quarter UP Dates are in Bold

Thank you for sharing some of the kids and my adventures for the past few years. Developing Hound Power and having the Hound Power family grow and share their adventures, celebrations and even sorrows, has made a huge difference in my life and seen me over more than one hump. Thank you too for helping the kids raise funds thru their various ventures that they donate to help other hounds. LUFFS From ALL OF US

The Kids are donating proceeds from their Healthy Treetz ‘N Feetz to various Rescue Groups & Shelters each month. They also donate Treetz N Feetz to monthly auctions to help other groups raise funds.

Hounds Helping Hounds | Hound Power
Are they cool enuf for taste testin yet?

New York Vinny, Lady Norma, & Seeley BICS aka *the Kids* are in full swing with their new fundraising venture, Treetz ‘N Feetz.

Vinny & Seeley are more interested in the crunchy, delicious tasteof their , dehydrated chicken feet, But they also clean tartar/ plaque off their teeth. Going for the trifecta of tasty, healthy goodness, they are a fabulous source of chondroitin and glucosamine.

Lady Norma takes her healthy baking very seriously using fresh booberries, bananas, and apples in her PButter N fruit Treetz. She never adds preservatives.

For the Holidays her Ladyship is working on a Special Liver Cookie, They are on the way to the Official Taste Testors at this very moment!!!

Hounds Helping Hounds | Hound Power
The kids now have a Gift Card so you can send a healthy, tasty gift to your favorite hound friends, nieces & nephews.

Hound Power’s 2022 Donations

Sep 2022: One Love Animal Rescue
Aug 2022: Save A Galgo Espanol, Dillsburg, PA
Jul 2022: Greyhound Friends of NC

Jun 2022: Greyhound Expressions

May 2022: Alabama Sighthound Adoptions

Apr 2022: Allies for Greyhounds

Mar 2022: Greyhound Adoption League of TX, Inc 

Feb 2022: Team Greyhound of OH / In Memory of Lorraine Kline and in Honor of Ms. Rory Greyhound.

Jan 2022: Arizona Adopt-A-Greyhound 

Some of the Hound Power Family

Jackie Pinson

Jackie Pinson

Jackie (aka momma): Having trained in canine massage, she started Canine Canine Pawsitive Touch Massage and Wellness, as a way to help dogs in pain. Jackie started looking for other ways to help more hounds. (Vinny considers all dogs hounds) With NY Vinny & Princess Toolip as inspiration, Hound Power was born in 2018 to help hounds in other ways.

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