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Trip To God’s Greyts Pik-a-Nik, Clermont FL

Vinny Da Author
By NY Vinny Head Writer

Well Momma duz be retired now.  I fink hers likin it, altho hers did tear apart both bathrooms on week one. 

Weze on our apre’ retirement furst adventure wif Aunt Jan.  Uncle Gary did go back to sea for a couple munths soze weze hitted da road in da Giant Hound Mobile.  We always thoted these adventures wud be me N da Princess Toolip wif momma.  It still is eben tho hers an angel N always gets ta ride shot gun.  Now we haf added da bootiful N precious Lady Norma Greyhound to our merry band.

Day One Of Our Adventure to Da Greyhound Pic-a-Nic!

Trip To God's Greyts Pik-a-Nik, Clermont FL | Hound Power

We did get invited by our Auntie Deb Klemm, to da God’s Greyts Pik-a-nik in Clermont, FL.  Auntie Deb Klemm beze momma to Ed Greyhound, Paisly Greyhound, N Squirt da liddulest green greyhound.  Hers also momma to Angel Mr. Checkers, Sir.  Hims wuz one of my heroes N mentors.  He taughted me da importance of singin N how it makes hoomans smile.

We loaded up da Giant Hound Mobile (aka Uncle Gary’s & Aunt Jan’s RV) Grabbed Momma N Aunt Jan & hitted da road.

Day One we did stay at Poverty Point State Park N Resevoir in Louisiana. 

Early Mornin Potty Poverty Point

Paw Rating: Lady Norma N I did give it 4paws up. 

It did be bery spachus.  Our site did back up to da woods N theys were lots a trails and walkways.  Lots of snifferin opportunities.  One of da bery nicest fings on dis particular trip wuz they wu no other campers in our whole section of da campground.  We did be polite N wave to a couple hoomans when we did walkins tho.

Da furst nite we wuz escortin Momma N Aunt Jan to da powder room N our last potty of da nite.  All of a sudden I did hear a big rustlin in da woods by da side of da road.  Bein da man of da family, I did do barkins.  I noze it beze rood to bark in a campground late at nite.  But I had to save da women folk didunt I?  I guess whomeber it wuz did be sufficiently told not to mess wif us N they went on theys way.  *I did get an etra treat when we got to da “Giant Hound Mobile” for bein so brave.*

On da second day we metted a new friend. Hers wuz an opossum wot at furst wuz “playin opossum” in da roadway in front of where we wuz parked. Lady Norma did name her Blossom. We fink a hooman wuz drivin too fast n skeered her. Hers beze bery bootiful.

Liddul Blossom Opossum Playin Opossum

Momma N Aunt Jan did read up on Opossums. If theys be soopa skeered they can play opossum for up to about 4 hours.  Theys liddul bodies go rather comatose, they slow theys breathin to imperceptible.  Eben if a predator pokes at dem wif theys claws or teefs da liddul fellas duznt feel pain N they neber moves. 

Aunt Jan gotted a big branch N hers N momma did watch until finally Blossom did get up N bery slowly hers lumbered off toward da woods. Hers did haf a rather cute sorta waddle/lumber.  Ebery liddul bit, hers wud stop N rest.  It did take foreber for hers to get to where we felt hers wuz safe from non lookin hooman dribers. HMPF!

Aunt Jan Makin Sure Blossom Beze Safe
Aunt Jan Gettin A branch to make sure Blosssom wuz safe (momma hafs ta get better at pichur takin)

On da third day weze packed up N headed for Lake Eufaula AL where weze gonna stay for two sleepins.  Lady Norma duznt seem to mind da noise N bumpins in da Giant Hound Mobile. Sadly I duz.  Momma did give me a medcin to help me relax N I politely asked if I kud wear Da Angel Princess Toolip’s Thunder coat dis time.  Momma didunt fink of dat before. It wuz nice when I putted it on.  It did smell like her.I did tell momma to neber wash it.  I’ll let u noze how it worked in my next report.

Paw Rating: 2 Tail Tucks

It did be misty rainy N drizzly whenwe wuz dribin so momma didunt take hers furst turn dribin. Aunt Jan did dribe all da time. We gotted to da campgroundat Lake Eufala after dark. Dat wuzn’t good. Dis campground wuz 180 out from da last one. Dats wot momma sed. There wuz no lites ta speak of N fings weren’t marked bery goodly. Aunt Jan had to turn da RV around on a liddul point of land in da pitch dark. We did find a good walkin trail, but it wuz bery cold out. It did feel like 38 out when we comed out of da RV. We did help catch a run-a-way liddul furry dog wot wuzn’t listenin to hers dad. Hers ran away from him and up on da trail wif us. We politely did talk to her til her dad kud get to us.

Da next day was back in da Giant Hound Mobile N da last leg of da trip to da Pik-a-Nik. It wuz a bootiful day. Momma did do dribin. We did howeber go thru lots of small once bootiful towns wif wot momma sed had a lot of Auntie Bellum style homes. I duzn’t noze who her wuz but da archetekture wuz fantastical. So many of them were in disrepair N so many of da liddul shops on da quaint mainstreets wuz run down N didunt haf any life to dem. It did be quite sad.

Da other fing we saw wu lots of signs wot sed “Keep Off Da Median” One eben sed “Keep Off Da Grass”. To be fair dat one wuz in a pretty Town Square wot had a round-a-bout N pretty flowers. Wot Norman N I kudunt figure out is how they knewed we wuz comin N dat momma wuz da one dribin.

Trip To God's Greyts Pik-a-Nik, Clermont FL | Hound Power

Later, Luffs Us

Lady Norma, NY Vinny Angel Toolip N Momma

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