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Da Long-Awaited Openin of Hound Power

Today beze da 22nd of December, eberbody is at theys battle stashuns. Weze only gots 4-hours N 23 minutes to da Grand Opening of *coughs, sound da trumpets plhueeze Toolip* HOUND POWER.  Our on line store wot is gonna raise monies N Help Hounds.

Hound Power Open For Business

Da Staff *aka Momma N Aunt Jenny Clark* duz gets at-a-gurlz for all da work theys been doin.  Eben tho da ideas comed from Toolip, Ms. Rory, me N my bro, Jett, theys had to put it into actshun. My bery own Auntie Flora Ohara, wot owns N operates Savvy Web Services hafs been da Angel of Mercy.  *whispers behind paw*, Momma didn’t haf a clue wot all wented into openin an online store.   Auntie Flora N momma made AT&T bery happy wif all da times they did talkins N screen sharin into da weeeee hours of da mornin.

Ms. Rory did hafs her moms, Ms. Lorraine Kline, crochetin around da clock.  Hers haf made sum fantastical fings for da shop. *N hers eben got fings wots not posted N plans to make a whole a whole bunch more. *  Jack N Ace hafs had Melynda Boling sewin all da time for weeks on spechul orders N sum fings for da store.  Ms. Paula’s herd of pups hafs had hers makin sum fun fings like gnomes N ribbon treez.  Aunt Debbie Valente did make sum jewelries N beze ponderin on what her might like to do next. 

Y’all will just haf ta come back ebery week ta see what fun fings gets added. Da staff just sed other peoples wants ta make fings for Handcrafted From Da Heart.  Aunt Jenny N momma will be on da look out for da rest of da store.

NY Vinny
Chief Executive Hound In Charge
Princess Toolip
Chief Financial Houndette In Charge

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