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Da Chrisy Mouse Greyhounds Are Comin!!

More Gifts from Loraine Kline To Hound Power!

Kleanin Klosets = Huge Treasures

On one ob da shelves in da Hound Power Kloset, momma did find two big boxes.  N Wot to owr wonderin eyebrols did appear?  *sorry I cudunt resist*.  We found about 60 of da greyhound Chrisy Mouse ornaments Auntie Loraine did make to Help Hound Power Help Hounds.

Right Now In Time For Chrisy Mouse Hound Power is offerin da Greyhound Ornaments for $12.00 wot includes da mailin part.

Each one beze about 3.5” at da back of theys head N about 4.5” at da tip of theys noze, wif a smorl Chrisy Mouse embellishment on da hounds/houndettes neck. Theys:

  • 5 White ones wif sparkalee Blue Earz
  • 14 White ones wif sparkalee Red Earz
  • 13 White ones wif sparkalee Multi Color Earz
  • 13 White ones wif sparkalee Green Earz
  • 1 White one wif Tan Mask
  • 1 White one wif Brindle Neck N Earz
  • 1 Grey one
  • 1 Brindle one wif a white spot on da forehead
  • 1 All White
  • 1 Fawn wif a black Noze
  • 1 Tanish Grey one
  • 1 White One wif a Black Mask N Earz
  • 1 Light Brindle wif Black Earz

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