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Caney Creek Recreation Area N da awning

Furst of all it duznt help if u change da names to ‘tect da innocent. In our travels theys not any……

Dis weeks adventure beze back at Caney Creek Recreation Area Campground on da OK side of Lake Texoma. It duz be bootiful here. Last nite Lucy beed on hers laptop workin on my Travel Blog. *finally*. Ethel wuz outside tryin to members how to put out da awning. *It beze manual* after a trip *or two* back to da ‘structshuns, hers gotted it put up.Weze directly on da lake. So da view wuz fantastical. Momma putted out our yoga mats N we stretched out for a Greyhound nap til supper.

NY Vinny Oct 9 Travel  and Adventure Entry

Fast Forward: supper wuz ober, we had a camp fire wif marshmallows *I take mine raw*N we had gone for our last potty. I wuz layin wif momma. Has her all tucked in N Ethyl comes out of da bedroom N sez” we shud take da Awning down. Out they go in theys jammies. *snickers*. Da wind wuz blowin rather nicely. They work N work to get da pole fings down. Ethyl gives Lucy da awning strap N sez “hold this”……. Da brake for da awning wuz stuck.

At this point I’ll remind you Lucy is a tad hight challenged compared to Ethyl.

Wait for it….. All of a sudden da brake gets unstuck, da awning takes off windin like a rocket, Lucy had da strap around her finger halfway up. Hers gotted lifted off her feet and it rolled up tight. Ethyl looked at her and says you were ‘posed to hold it. Then they started laffin like crazy. How’s a hound ‘posed ta sleep around here?

In da pichur u can see where I wuz pointin out wot da pole wif da crook in it might haf been for.Stay tuned for more of da happenins from our adventures. Da staff will be puttin dem under my blog part of da Hound Power store on da internet.

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