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Da Bestest Sleep Over Ever

Yo Check It Out!

Aunt Jenn N da Jetter gotted here today for a whole munth. We did haf movie nite in da livin room after a celebratory supper of Salmon on top of kibble N a bit of canned. Weze did haf our last potty of da evening N now Weze all snuggled for bed in momma’s room. (Da Jetster likes ta sleep wif da pack when they visit)

Norma beze against da wall. *dats her favorite slumber ball* next beze Truman, then Tiny Dancer wif Jett next. Ize on da bed performin my nitly bed warmin duties so momma hafs a warm bed ta slide into. Nite eberbody. Stay tuned fir our adventures dis munth. There may be a surprise reveal *N no momma’s not hafin a baby hoop up! Hers waaaay too ancient for dat.

Nite Eberbody, Luffs

Jett, Dancer, Truman, Norma, myself N Angel Toolip wot is always snuggled beside momma

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