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A Hound Luff Story

Milo N Norma outside
Milo & Norma

Milo & Norma

Musical Note with Heart
“Here’s the story of a Lovely Lady……”  Ooooops dats da wrong theme song N luff story. 

Dis story beze about two wonderful Luffin Hounds, Hound Milo & Houndette Norma!

Both hounds did haf a skeery part in theys lives.

Milo, Age 12

Milo's Prison Break With Arlene

In 2016 Uncle Pat N Auntie Arlene did get a call to rescue a hound from a Kill Shelter in Cartersville Georgia? The poor hound only had a couple days left.  Theys jumped in theys car N raced to da shelter.  They had to go thru all kinds a hoops but they finally did rescue him. Hims furst stop wuz they’s cabin In Gatlinburg, TN. 

At furst they wuz just gonna foster him but when he landed on da couch next to Pat, Pat wuz a “gonner, wrapped rite around Milo’s paw”.  Hims a bery lucky hound.  On August 26, 2016 Milo became Milo Shirkey. Hims gets ta spend part of da year in Gatlinburg, N part of da year in Clermont, TN. Dis beze important to theys story.

A Hound Luff Story | Hound Power

Norma, Age 7

Da Furst Day Norma came to Visit Us

In 2016, we duzunt noze zactly wot Norma wuz doin, but owr best guess wuz hers wuz huntin kritters.  Hers gots tons ob scars all ober hers liddul body.  Her came into our life when hers wuz rescued from a shelter in Tulsa, OK.  Hers momma did loose her’s job kuz ob da Corona virus (aka da beer virus) N had to leave her for adopshun. 

A wonderful lady named Hillary did go to Tulsa N bring her back to da Greyhound Adoption League of TX. (GALT).  Hers gotted back to Ms. Hillary’s house da same weekend my bery own Princess Toolip gotted bitten in da mouth by da copperhead snake N made her ways to da bridge.

Norma's Notched Ears
Some Hunter Notched Hers Earz

Momma talked to Ms. Hillary N Norma camed to owr house for a visit.  Both Ms. Norma N I was mournin da loss of sumone we did luff deeply.  I guess we sorta helped each other feel better.  Finally, momma did ask me if I wud like Ms. Norma to be my Sissy.  I sed yes but hers wud be a new Sissy, not take da place of da Princess.  Momma sed ob korse hers wudn’t, soze I sed yes.  So, da 10th of dis January, Ms. Norma did become “Lady Norma Pinson”.

A Hound Luff Story | Hound Power
Lady Norma Beze Home

Dis past December, owr Auntie Deb Klemm did inbite us to do God’s Greyt’s Pik-a-Nik in Clermont, Fl.  Momma sed we kud go N her N Auntie Jan gotted out Auntie Jan’s rv N headed to FL for da Pik-a-Nik on da 31st of January.

We gotted to da Bolton Farm on Friday da 29th.  Dats when we metted Uncle Pat, Auntie Arlene, Whiskey, Niles, Rags N …… drum roll…… Milo.  It did be luff at furst site for da now Lady Norma N hers hero hound Lord Milo.  I must say they wuz bery cute together.  Milo wuz a bit shy N did sort of gaze at her from afar.  Hims wuz a total gentleman. But when nobody wuz lookin, they did do layins beside each other N did sit outside together.  If Lord Milo did stay inside when da Lady Norma went out to powder her nose, he wud come ober N make sure hers wuz OK

Lord Milo N Lady Norma did spend lots a time together all thru da weekend.  Finally, Monday came N momma sed we all had to go.  Milo N Norma sed goodbye for now to each other.  Weze only got 117 big sleepins til we get to Gatlinburg, TN for Mountain Hounds N da two sweet Senior Hounds will get to be together again. 

Operator Can U Connect Me To Lady Norma Please

Milo on the Phone

Da Lady Norma beze finkin on wot hers can bring to hers Hound Luff.  So, if any of da eberbodies or houndettes out there haf any suggestshuns to help hers out, plhueeze leave dem in da comment sekshun below.

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