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Healthy Dog Treetz ‘N Feetz

Treetz ‘N Feetz – Hound Power’s Newest Opportunity To Help Hounds

NY Vinny, here to tell you about Lady Norma’s Nu Healthy Dog Treetz ‘N Seely’s N My Soopa Delicious Dehydrated Chicken Feetz.

Furst, Hound Power continuously raises $$ to help 501c3 Rescue Groups/Shelters. Ebery munth we donate 20% ob owr net profits with a minimum donashun ob $100.00 to a 501c3 Rescue Group/Shelter. Your purchases help dogs of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and challenges get one paw closer to their “Forever Home”. One ob da bestest fings about Treetz ‘N Feetz is U can Help Hounds while gibin use own Hounds, Houndettes, ‘N Houndies a fun, tasty, healthy snack wif no preservatifs.

Yummy Treetz ‘N Crunchy Feetz

Dogs eberywhere line up ‘N do beggin for these healthy, tantalizing, & tasty treetz made with NO added preservatifs. Personally, I fink Seeley’s N my dehydrated chicken feetz r da bomb. Theys eggstremely yummy ‘N provide a sooparific source of glucosamine & chondroitin wot builds strong joint cartilage. They’s also a fun and tasty way to help us kkep owr teefs sparklin clean. *whisipers* crunchin on feetz cuts down on momma always wantin to brush owr teefs. I fink hers may haf a teef fetish.*

Bakin days is typically Sunday or Munday while us boys is workin on da feetz. That way da post office persons can get dem to uze fur kids as kwik as possible.

**All Treetz ‘N Feetz Are Made Wif NO Added Preservatifs!**

Pbutter Treetz R made wif: Whole Wheat Flour, *Rice or Tapioca Flour on request* Eggs, Jif PButter soze theys for sure no xyitol. Then theys PButter N Booberries, or PButter N Bananas or noth together. These haf a bit of honey in dem. If uze fur kids R ‘lergic to eggs like owr kuzin Olaf, Normy uses applesauce instead ob da eggs. *Olaf sez theys delicious.*

Check it owt! We gots owr bery own Gift Card soze you can send uze favorite hound nieeces, nefuus, and other hounds, houndettes, N houndies, sooparificly delicious N healthy Treetz N Feetz for Birfdayz, N Gotcha Dayz. All kinds ob okshuns.

Healthy Dog Treetz 'N Feetz | Hound Power
Healthy Dog Treats with PButer and Blueberries or Bananas

Bacon N Cheddar Treetz R made wif: Whole Wheat Flour, *Rice or Tapioca Flour on request* Eggs, Bacon N Cheddar Cheese. Uze can also choose just da bacon or da cheddar ifin U don’t want both ob dem.

 Healthy Dog Treats Bacon and Cheddar

Sardinez Or Salmonz Treetz R made wif: Whole Wheat Flour, *Rice or Tapioca Flour on request* Eggs, N uze choice ob Sardinez or Salmonz. Lady Norma sez Salmoz beze high in natural omega-3s, which promote glossy coats and healthy skin in dogs. Omega-3s support your pup’s immune system. Who wudda thunk it. Sooparific treetz wot r healthy for owr jointz **

Healthy Dog Treats Salmon or Sardine

Chicken Feetz: Come from reeel honest to goodnees chickens .*It’s ok cuz da chickens isnt usin dem anymore* Da toenails is cut off so they don’t poke us when we eat dem. Then they go in da feetz machine for a gazillion hours until theys all nice N crunchy. Seeley N I duznt putt anyfin on dem. Soze theys no eggstra calories or a chance that use fur kids cud be ‘lergic.

Healthy Dog Treetz 'N Feetz | Hound Power

**Hounds, Houndettes, N Houndies, uze parunts can order da above delicacies for ur own selves on da Hound Power Facebook page. Theys can put uze orders in da comments under da pinned Treetz N Feetz Post or in messenger. Lady Norma duz check for orders ebery day cuz herz in charge of da order book.** Uze can also write to me at [email protected], Lady Norma at [email protected], or even momma at [email protected] Mark uze parunts callendar to get ur orders in before bakin dayz soze u can get dem soopa kwik.

​​Treetz: 1 order = 3 duzin – $15.25. Shippin included. Uze can mix da duzins up.

Feetz: 1 order = A baker’s duzin *dats 13* dehydrated chicken feetz – $15.25. Shippin included.

Referz sumone wot places an order, ‘N u getz $1.50 off ob uze next order.

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